A cutting edge concept base for information dissemination. Concept LABI TOKYO

Concept LABI TOKYO was born right at the front door of Japan, at the new Yamada store in front of Tokyo Station.
It is a place where customers throughout Japan and around the world, whenever they come, can make thrilling new discoveries in the latest lifestyle gadgets and services from leading manufacturers.
A cutting edge concept base for information dissemination. That is what you will find at Concept LABI TOKYO.

Floor information

  • Drug & Game StageDrugstore / Game / Wrist watch B1F

    A lineup of drugs, commodities, watches, brand-new video games.

    The drugs area features a lineup of popular drugs and commodities for foreign tourists.
    We have a good assortment of watches that is in no other shops than here.
    You can buy video-game products on the way home for interests and presents.

  • Apple Future StageApple / Accessories1F

    Floor for the latest Apple products and peripherals

    Offering Apple's newest products and services.
    The new iPhone6s and Apple Watch are here! Naturally, the Mac and iPad are also available.
    A wide lineup of peripherals and accessories for Apple products is also provided.

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  • New Mobile StageMobile2F

    The cell floor, with the newest smartphones and all of the competing carriers

    Showcases the latest smartphones, with areas for DoCoMo, au, Softbank, and Y!Mobile.
    The area for wearable devices is also a must-see.

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  • Sony & Panasonic Presentation StageSony / Panasonic special floor3F

    Special Sony and Panasonic showcase with exclusives not available anywhere else, even in Japan

    In the Sony area, visitors may experience a range of the latest video and music products and even the latest 4K TVs.
    In the Panasonic area, visitors may experience the latest 4K TVs as well as high-quality audio products from the Technics brand.

    All Recommended Items

    • BDZET1200

      Built-in Wi-Fi
      New “Easy Viewing Mode” makes streaming recorded programs on your smartphone simple.


    • KJ49X8500C

      Super high-def 4K upconversion for TV programs and Blu-ray
      High-res 4K model comes with built-in 4K tuner*
      *4K tuner is a SKY Perfect Premium Service tuner


    • TH55CX800N

      Japan Premium 4K, created to perfectly project the beauty of Japan and the lives of its people.


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  • New Digital AV StageLCD TV / Audio4F

    Special zone for the latest TVs and audio

    The latest 4K TVs are on display, organized by maker and brand.
    In the audio area, visitors should check out the currently trending high resolution audio products, high resolution stereos, and the latest high resolution sound equipment.

    All Recommended Items

    • BDZET1200

      Vividly view color-rich images
      4K LCD TV with “Rich Color Technology"


    • EXN70

      High resolution audio system with studio-tuned Wood Cone Speakers


    • DMRBRZ1010

      New model equipped with a "New Program Notification" function so you never miss recording your latest shows


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  • Imaging & Design Style StageCameras / Luxury appliances5F

    Floor for high quality digital cameras for the specialist market and high quality home electronics

    Features a lens counter where visitors can take their time to select the right lenses and learn how to use the latest digital single lens products.
    In the area for high quality home electronics, visitors may find a range of goods, including high-end espresso machines, to suit any taste.

    All Recommended Items

    • PSG5X

      Internal high-def electronic viewfinder for genuine viewfinder shooting


    • AFSVRED16-35MMF4

      Two ED lenses and 3 aspherical lenses to correct various kinds of aberrations with excellent balance
      Nano Crystal Coat gives you vivid images while reducing ghosting and flare


    • DA-262_PDH

      Espresso machine built in Milan, Italy by venerable espresso machine manufacturer, Pavoni

      la Pavoni

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  • Beauty Design StageCosmetics / Hairdressing / Tax-free goods6F

    Special health and beauty floor

    The makeup area provides an assortment of currently fashionable skincare products and a dedicated area for Panasonic Beauty products.
    The duty-free area, always popular with travelers, is fully stocked with the most popular products.
    When your friends from overseas come to Japan, be sure to tell them about the sights they can see in Tokyo too.

    All Recommended Items

    • EH-CSA96

      NanoCare facial steamer. Choose from 5 automatic hot and cold courses to get the skin you desire.


    • CIDS01FW

      Equipped with "Air Louver" that automatically mimics the subtle twist of the wrist drying technique used by pro stylists


    • EPMP

      E-Polation mini Plus, a new esthetic treatment device
      that elevates beauty results by deeply penetrating the skin
      with active ingredients using a pulse current


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  • Life Style StageCooking / Cleaners / Light Fixtures7F

    Lifestyle goods, with lots of cooking appliances and vacuums or light fixtures.

    This floor has the latest microwaves, rice cookers, and other cooking appliances from all of the major companies.
    Having the opportunity to try out and compare vacuum cleaners from all of the major brands makes shopping for a vacuum fun.
    We selects the most suitable light fixtures for your room on ceiling area.

    All Recommended Items

    • AXXP200

      HEALSIO Water Oven
      Industry First* "Leave it to me cooking" takes the recipe, measurements, and defrosting out of your hands
      * The AX-XP200 100V oven range for household use in Japan


    • SRHX105

      5.5 Cup IH rice cooker
      Cook delicious rice with the tremendous heating power of Panasonic's unique "Dance Cooking" technique.


    • SV07MH

      Pick up more waste than with a plug-in cleaner, and fill the room with cleaner air.


  • Life Style StageAir conditioning / Refrigerators / Washing machines / Cafe8F

    Lifestyle goods, featuring the latest A/Cs, refrigerators, and washing machines

    All of the major companies in the large home appliance industry have set up booths to explain their products.
    Find your favorite company or that special product to achieve a more comfortable living environment.
    Feel free to talk to the staff at any of the booths.

    All Recommended Items

    • BWD11XWV

      Glass-top design top-loading washer/dryer equipped with "Niagara Rinse"


    • ASZ22E

      Built-in "Stay Warm" function that continues to heat even when defrosting


    • NRE431GV

      Easy to use Top Unit & "Wonderful Open" design with vegetable crisper drawer for longer-lasting freshness


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  • PC&Network solution StagePCs / PC support desk9F

    PCs and cutting-edge concepts for solutions

    A "concept zone" in the center of the floor gives you an exclusive glimpse into the newest services and devices from Google, Microsoft, Intel, and others.
    Naturally, a full range of PC products is also provided.
    A Smart-Rescue center is set up for hardware repairs and support.

    All Recommended Items

    • FMV WH53W

      The perfect style for easy photo and video processing and editing!
      Advanced, high-powered PC


    • PCNS750

      Premium picture and sound quality. High-powered, stylish touch screen laptop PC.


    • XperiaZ3 Tablet Compact

      Feel safe using it in the bath or outside, with waterproof and dustproof capabilities. The latest Sony tablet with even higher resolution.


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  • Business solution StageCorporate / PC peripherals / PC supplies10F

    Corporate counter and business solutions

    Stocked with a wide range of supplies such as copier paper and ink.
    Hold a business seminar and use a participation model to meet your customers' needs.
    Visitors may purchase printers at the 3D printer area or make use of our molding output or 3D scanning services.

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